And. How they

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And. How theyand.

It is not necessary to destroy them pleasurem Not only it is not necessary – it is impossible to do it.

But it is necessary to emphasize in each action of the prices nost of association and importance of group.

Children should know, that in each action there is an additional prize – the spiritual – in association between them.

This thought it is necessary on stoyanno in itself to hold.


How they learn, they reached something or not How to pay their attention to it Teenagers want changesm By means of short discussion.

Vozmozhbut, they should choose the special commission which will be otse success of each action.

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I never had to happen

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I never had to happentutor Whether policemen feel communication between itself and interdependence Examples of excursionsPolicemanguide Certainly, all work podeLena on all, and if one for any reasons not you the part, the others should take it on itself.

Policemen work with pairs, and, of course, in the such they support situations and even protect each other.


It is very interesting!m Why not to make more than such lessons at schooland.

I never had to happen in police office.

m I, by the way, did not think that to children will show this aspect of work of police.

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Is various

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Is various Environment for them – all! Opinion of an environment – the law!and.

The same occurs and to adults.

Is various ways of existence alone, but any not works.

Researches show that at the person, zhivushche it is isolated, life expectancy is less, and it kachethe stvo is worse.


Ulyanov Researches also say that than more your friends are happy – if you in general have them, – that you are happier and more long live.


It concerns also a marriage, though many schithaw that it brings many problems.

Married people live more lon and their health is better.

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Mental anguish

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Mental anguish, all this calls real names and begins fair fight.

But its frank attack and justice not are pleasant to all.

And it gets under rigid opposite action offense, humiliation of advantage, up to physical violence from agemates and especially senior.

The moralist tries to promote people that they became better.

And consequences Moral persecution.

Mental anguish for noble intention.

Receives the blow destroying merits of which he is proud; and that, for what people should respect him, is called into question.

Enduring this pain, it for some time loses confidence of the valid nobility of the intentions puts spurs to the moral senses.

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The child

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The childIn an ideal adults set the child an example not to affect it, but simple the natural behavior with concentration being engaged in ordinary affairs, without paying special attention to the child and noticing it only when he will demand that, and only in a necessary measure.

The child who wholly has received experience on hands at mother, will not demand attention besides the fact that it is physically necessary for it, for at it unlike children, known to us on a civilized society, there will be no need for proofs of the existence or appeal.

Following these principles from the very beginnin mother in our society would be engaged in housework, allowing the daughter baby to participate in cleaning so as far as it would like to sweep a floor a small sweeper, to wipe a dust, to vacuum if it can cope with the vacuum cleaner which they have or to wash the dishes, standing on a chair.

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Besides, a joint

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Besides, a joint However, not all from this that on , it is useful.

Therefore, choosing and looking through programs together, the adult has possibility to talk to the child about that is the most important.

Besides, a joint choice a feather dachas helps children to acquire the concept choice.

TV and video transfers, as well as books, can tell to children it is a lot of interesting.

It and various versions of familiar fairy tales, and absolutely modern histories.

All this helps to develop voobrazheniye of the child, ability to learn acquaintances and darlings the person sew, to pronounce by means of the adult fragments from the text.

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