Help the grandmother

Help the grandmotherExercise No.

The letter from the Little Red Riding Hood came.

Help the grandmother to read itThe Little Red Riding Hood wrote the story to the grandmother.

The girl sent it by wood mail, but it fell into clutches Bukvoyezhek, and they ate a part of letters.

The grandmother cannot read in any way that the granddaughter wrote to it.

Help it!AZOTSETYE TO On a pond , and about and .

All of them and and here from a grove.

to and a face, ous on water and immediately on with po .

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That is why in our groups

That is why in our groupsTherefore all of us time should check ourselves, correctly whether we develop, whether our ego twirls by us from within, playing with us so that seems to us, as if we are right.

And actually this incorrect direction which is not corresponding to the program the nature, and we from it only will lose and we will receive blows as it occurs to all mankind.

That is why in our groups to us always are necessary direct whether also those who will watch outside development groups, defining criteria by means of which it is possible itself to estimate.

It is obligatory.


The problem not in that to be with them together, or not, and in carrying out the correct interaktsiya with group.

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Over time

Over time In this shelter there are all feelings which we tested and could state, being children.

Outside of a shelter there are feelings which in our family were considered inadmissible because of them were afraid or did not know that with them to do.

When we expressed not resolved feelings, for example anger, we ran into abuse, threats, punishments or contempt.

Over time memory of such experiences taught us to deny the anger.

The pain which has burned once and but continues to hold us this day in a framework, but it distorted our ability normally to endure and express all range of emotions.

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Tell pleasant

Tell pleasantThen give it the shape a compliment.

Let the child at first will be trained on you, and then at a wellchosen moment will tell to his teacher when they will be alone.

Certainly, all like to listen to sincere compliments in the address.

And also it is unconditional that compliments in our life too little.

Tell pleasant words to the child at each opportunity and encourage, that it too paid compliments to people around Jannie, what at you beautiful drawing!, Brian, at you an excellent tie!, Ooze best of all dances in ballet group.

And certainly on a children's compliment usual thanks will be the simplest and pertinent answer.

A bit later we will teach you and your child to speak and accept more difficult compliments.

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Encouragement That is made, that do not turn back; the best treatment, possible in those conditions, was provided, and even to other boys there was no need to remain.

They returned to the games before I finished.

Encouragement and when I imposed the last plaster was not necessary to Avadakh, it went back to the river, to the friends.

His mother recognized that if her support was necessary to it, it would come to it, and she was always ready to accept it.

After a mention of all these incidents there can be an impression that in a tribe accidents at all a rarity.

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But what occurs

But what occurs and.

It is rather, customers.

m I speak absolutely seriously children should to experience all aspects of life.


Still we spoke about need to open to children of an eye on the world and to prepare them to highgrade adult zhiz.

But what occurs between children It is a question of two age groups and also is more senior.

Whether there is a difference in an approach and you straivaniya of the relations between children in groupl m I think that if the general process is organized correctly, and communication between children will be fuller and interestin instead of limited primitive and aggressive slang as we see it today.

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