Try every day or to make

Try every day or to make Many people need weighty arguments to think well about themselves therefore always behave such in a way that your selfimage did not suffer from your behavior.

Avoid everything that causes in you sense of guilt.

Try every day or to make every week at least one act of which you could be proud.

Here some suitable councilsStart to carry out the program of exercises Bake cookiesPut things in order in a photo albumBe cleaned in a roomRepair somethingAccurately place books on book shelves Reorganize working the overdue letter to the friend Paint or paste wallpaper on one of walls in your roomReturn books to libraryDraw a picture, make an ornament of beads, make something of ceramicsMake something on the houseMake homework without a superfluous reminder Read the bookWrite the poemThink up to yourself still any occupation of which you could be proud.

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But the number

But the numberWe considered a gold proportion along a numerical row and saw possibility to understand the mechanism of age mental development of talent of the person.

But the number sequence of Fibonachchi has one more surprising property each age period can be spread out to smaller harmonious and proportional intervals of time during which there were certain changes in soul of the person.

Development of harmonious integrity if it to consider in time coordinates at each age stage in turn divide it into the periods.

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M Truly. The environment

M Truly. The environment … as soon as to changem Yes, to change.

And he will want it.

Okruthe zheniye will give it the corresponding examples and will oblige aism – as now obliges to be the egoist …and.

… to survive and achieve today success.

m Truly.

The environment will show that for vyzhivaniya and achievements of success in new society it is obliged aism , and it will make it with pleasure.

After all the person has no painTeenagers want changessew the purposes, than to correspond to society he wants to approach to society to be it accepted.


We social creations, it is clear.

m At children it is felt especially strongly.

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Yes, it is an excellent

Yes, it is an excellent It is possible later about it with them on to speak.

m Yes he after all at all does not see anything good! How many efforts it needs to put! Teenagers want changesand.

Ulyanov So it is necessary to talk then to it about it popyt to see good in otherm Look, how quickly you notice bad, and for good you do not have words, is it is necessary for them obto become clearer, that they experienced.


Ulyanov And to discuss with them why they so feelm Yes.


But as far as it, actually, changes their feelingsand.

Yes, it is an excellent thing.

It is necessary at once popro to hold such meeting.

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There comes

There comesAbout thirty five are elderly poet Robert Bligh speaks the man leaves aside from the world.

Its manner to communicate with the world is not effective any more.

There comes time of sufferin fight, search of the deep man's essence.

The man loses hope to make that he wants and as wants, without having understood the essence.

He lived false dreams.

Now his dreams are real.

Having faced limitation of the possibilities, the man endures crash of children's expectations when it seemed to it that it can all.

It forms more realistic view of the world.

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And still

And still On the contrary the more you apply them, the more child gets used to whine.

Why Because by means of here such and under the child or gets rid from toaboutolgogo internal tension, or achieves something from you in the most habitual way which rolls always.

And sometimes both that and another.

And still thus happens so that parents actively promote that their child turned in vytikathe whiner.

To define, so or not so, you will be helped by this small test.


Vytik nytikTEST So or not soAnswer these questionsNo.

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