Let's say sobira

Let's say sobira Let's return by the beginning.

Let's say sobira group of teenagers.

That the instructor that should make they would accept it, how the For example, me they schita adult, positive near which it is necessary to conduct itself it is good.

m I do not think that it depends on age.

After all if you are similar to them on spirit, they not especially see age.

Tutor of teenage group They see that you in all affairs act together with them.

And here you with a superior intelligence should arrange them various for preshchenny things that they concerned them.

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They grow so suppressed

They grow so suppressed We with it agree.

All of us know children who become absolutely uncontrollable as soon as get out of hand the parents.

However also all of us know also such children who are so suppressed by the power of parents that are afraid to protest somehow even in the conditions of full safety.

They grow so suppressed and diffident that are afraid to take a superfluous step if only not to lose those remains of the power whom they already have.

The values borrowed former jailers and limiting rules start to operate from within and do them by prisoners of shyness.

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Masks, puppets, roleplaying

Masks, puppets, roleplaying Or take care of its physical development, having written down in sports section.

Help the child to abandon the role the timid person, to become other person in a literal sense.

Masks, puppets, roleplaying games will be useful to you.

Allocate time for simply to fool about together with the child, to learn, who from you shouts more loudly, to arrange fancydress representation.

Try to play in the game described by us above to learn about views of your child of a shyness problem.

Be cried to the child on the troubles, as though you and still children.

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And not one instructor, and some

And not one instructor, and some Whether operates the instructor this growth, gradually adding gravitym What gravity No! I will simply eat under gita.

And not one instructor, and some people on group – tsebark network.

The mankind also has nothing to do – we artificially we create workplaces.

Therefore let all study, that to be tutors for itself, and the most capable should ra in this field it is constant.

It is a difficult task, instead of simply work.


Ulyanov Let's sum up.

First of all, we told that there are two types of tutorsinstructors one otvetstvenny for the environment organization in which the young develops generation, and others – at the age of years – practically rabothaw with teenagers of years.

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Set questions

Set questions Set questions Where there lives a bear, On what it is possible to go to the wood Then the adult suggests the child to go to the wood on also sings together with it a son simulating sounds and movement of a going engine The engine hooted, It carried carriages, Choochuchu, Choochuchu, I in the wood will give a ride to you.


Skvortsova Then the adult pays attention that a bear a mustache Bear, bear, What do you sleep Mischa, Mischa, What you snore Mischa, Mishenka, Rise! Together with name of the child Play! O.

Skvortsova The adult suggests to wake a bear and together with rebenthe lump repeats words On a lesochka I go, A name of the child I do not find.

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What pianist

What pianist She liked to listen, as they are born, as die away and somewhere disappear.

It was pleasant to it that she does it.

Itself can regulate on the taste this process.

What pianist at us grows mother could not .

And all acquaintances picked up it is fine, when the child reaches for music.

Moreover at such age! It with an ulterior motive!Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONTo teach the girl to music began after five years speak, it is impossible handles small and weak earlier.

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To an example

To an example Therefore that the last had sense of proportion, that not to give minor values of the main thing.

Sometimes too hot approval can Ise moral prospect at beings, the ry are too young in order that scale of values.

to an example never give broken to the relka, the brokenoff trousers, badly covered bulyiy value, rather than moral to neniye, such as lie, obstinacy, cruelty.

Since small years children possess feeling advantage foot.

He should be respected.

Some public humiliations can generate complexes suppression and a misanthropy which will torment child all his life.

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