The person, operating

The person, operating It is truth.

The person, operating with a subject, opens their properties in it.

And opening these properties, turns the inclinations into abilities.

Abilities not only to know propertiesEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONthe subject world, but and this most important to use their force in transformation of the same subject or substance into the forms satisfying purely human problems, in the subjects having value, creating conditions for emergence of the benefits.

These are two processes direct and return a psychomotility can be represented a certain scheme.

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In crowd everything

In crowd everything Under music smokin , and recently and drugs begins.

When rating reaches a critical point, she looks for an exit.

And here to a course goes checked time aggression.

In crowd everything becomes easily.

At crowd the special magic field where everyone is got from others and operates as though under hypnosis.

Someone sets the purpose to which all aspire, but already nobody thinks of consequences.

After all thoughts already are not present, the emotions which have flooded consciousness dominate over soul only.

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, harmony

, harmony, harmony of a body and soul gains balance, can compensate destructive influences and keep the integrity, and the dominating mechanism of talent starts to work with visible products of the work.

harmonious integrity of a certain condition of the mechanism of talent which, depending on the age period of development, can be at such stagesEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON arises and does not prove; develops onesidedly, but its work already becomes visible; it is enough someone to turn from adults on this attention, and he calls the child the child prodigy; the perfect talent and a product of its activity call talented work; the talent collapses the person loses ability to solve problems that is to be the creative person and turns into the ordinary erudite; the talent is destroyed finally the person becomes callous and can operate, submitting to laws of animal soul according to Aristotle i.

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In the report

In the report It was as a result proved that more attention is necessary for such children, rather than they receive at school.

As a whole such children study and behave worse than the agemates from full families.

They shirk occupations more often, are late and suffer from various diseases.

In the report on research of anything about it it is not told, but we consider that such children in addition have more problems in communication with people, shyness is more often shown, they suffer from loneliness more often.

Parents in incomplete families should make every effort developing high selfimage at the child and to teach him at least to bases of highgrade communication.

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And if on this

And if on thisAnd if creation of harmony of the person, perfection of his soul and a body was the purpose of school training and education, he would not know failures, boondocks, cruel disappointment, need to make a fresh start.

Because each step to new would be a victory, would strengthen selfconfidence, would bring a consolation.

And if on this way victories over others at school, in the country, in the world met the measure of these victories in the opinion of such winner would be one as far as it overcame itselfhimself.

For the harmonious person defeat and a victory have one price.

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As a result

As a result In our system we try to guess, as in what quantity the child can acquire.

As a result there are contradictions, misunderstandin disappointment, a rage and in general harmony loss.

Awful custom to teach children that good will be always rewarded, and angrily is punished that promises are always carried out that adults never lie etc.

, not only results in need to lower children from heavens on the earth as going woolgathering and unripe if suddenly all of them still trust in kindergarten fairy tales, but also creates at them feeling of disappointment in their education and in culture which as they trusted, it was necessary to follow them.

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On the contrary, rough

On the contrary, rough He wants feeling of correctness which is hidden somewhere here in mother, in food, in him.

But as though he tried to show the requirements, this feeling does not come.

On the contrary, rough reaction of the child causes rejection which over time he can explain somehow to itselfhimself unlike the infinite wrong relation in the first months of life which he in general could not understand in any way in mother.

The indifference, a carelessness and melancholy became for it key parameters of this life.

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