At that

At that The letter provided below just is an illustration of the wrong way I then was twelve years old, and I studied in the seventh grade.

Somehow I and my parents sat in a house yard.

I whereas had time the period of the beginning of periods I still was the such madcap, but I already would like to be the pretty girl.

At that time I was very full.

And I remember, how the father told to mother Make with it ! Really you do not see it thick, as pig! To me it was enough.

I escaped to myself in a room and cried all day.

The correct way of fight against excessive weight consists in the following Take away the son or the daughter to the family doctor or to the pediatrist on survey.

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Such is it the main

Such is it the mainand.

She feels integral, selfsufficientm If the woman has a husband, a family and children, it first of all gives it feeling of integrity.

Such is it the main requirement by nature, and we do not need to go about it – we only will do much harm to ourselves.

On the contrary, it is necessary in every possible way to help the woman with realization of its basic needs.

Therefore our approach to education of girls and the relation to them the organizations the organization, instead of group should be the correct.

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Each time

Each time In these occupations additional criteria of an assessment correctness and speed are entered.

It will increase level of selfchecking and responsibility of the child.

But remember that low marks do not stimulate, and lower motivation, aspiration to educational successes.

Therefore at all do not insist on that.

that the child delivered itself a low mark, try to find and emphasize advantages of its work.

Each time it should estimate correctness of the readin using for this purpose a piece of a vertical straight line.

If correctness of reading is high, on this piece a dagger it is necessary to arrange as it is possible above if reading was sometimes with mistakes, on the corresponding piece it is necessary to put a dagger in the middle.

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So, needless

So, needless They at all do not understand, what troubles involve, and who from it wins as a result.

So, needless to say, such approach it is necessary for us to avoid.

But to expel them and to dismiss group is too not you course.

Why I now give such parallel examples, as army, people of the world, politicians Because so behaves whole world.

And it is necessary for us to show to the whole world as it is necessary to move ahead to the main point without violence, because other way we will not solve problems.

That we will win from that we will exterminate a half chelovechestvo To that half which remains on the earth from it buit is put better And who wins from all this policy How many means we spend for the weapon, and to anybody it without having got pleasures!We need to show a technique, more adult and more wise, than that which beats the whole world.

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The child

The childAnd so, people whom the child sees and hears constantly, is a father and mother; people, which for it mean above all, which it thaws infallible in judgments and in behavior.

The child forms the own judgments, own behavior and all other, up to manners and voice intonations, in stviya with that he sees in the father and mother.

And not blows never to allow, neither in small, nor in great, that the child could think My parents not bark that order to me.

Life of the father and mother should become for it not having defects bosom of its own life.

the child extremely dexterously notices vorechiya between life and the councils given to it.

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The son was attached

The son was attached Children aching constantly, exhaust themselves in a trap.

They so exhaust adults the skulezhy that adults are irritated, discharged of them.

And they just the opposite need attention, caress, kind conversations and understanding.

The son was attached about mother and asks Mothers, you at me the most important woman,truth Well certainly, my pleasure.

And I at you the most important man Well certainly.

Oh, happiness what! Directly as watermelon.

Why still moaning turns into style of behavior Because that the reason, it generated, does not disappear.

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Jim, mother

Jim, mother I lightened, when it became quieter.

I never saw it in such condition.

I at all did not suspect that it can be such.

Jim, mother fifteenyear Berry Parents are surprised often by force of emotions of the boy.

Edward, fourteenyear Edamladshego's father so described the reaction and wives Everything is quiet in a room where we sit; our son, and BOOM enters! the shock wave is rolled.

It leaves, we look at each other and we think, this hurricane from where came.

For mother quite often only way to avoid fight against the son there is a physical leaving from a scene.

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