Without a soft

Without a soft On the last letter in a word.

Without a soft sign, with a soft sign at the end of a word, with a soft signin the middle of a word.

By quantity of letters in words.

On compliance or.

on the contrary, to discrepancy quantities of sounds prick to chestvo a beech in a word the quantity of sounds corresponds to quantity of letters; sounds more than letters; it is less than sounds, than a beechExercise No.

Find a suitable word In each line of the left column of this list there is a word with the indication of its any sign.

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The boy should

The boy should The boy should understand that the anger is a red fla a trouble signal that grief the companion of losses that, if are afraid, it is necessary to be vigilant that rage warns against the injustice which was created over you that the discomfort in the face of temptation calls for care for that occurs, will not be coordinated with your installations and belief, and the feeling of happiness means fidelity to itself, bearing in itself the message everything is all right!.

If the boy trusts the feelings, it is in contact to reality of the experience and life.

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You have on it minutes. And now count

You have on it minutes. And now count You understood, about what is passed speechNow distribute all types your free time forwarding on these four categories also bringthem in the corresponding fields.

You have on it minutes.

And now count up number of occupations in each fieldalso write down this number nearby.

Break now into groups on four persons and obme opinions on the marks.

Then set to itself sleblowing questions As far as I am satisfied with distribution of mine zanyatiya on four sectors What advantages and shortcomings of such distributionFor discussion minutes are allocated for you.

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Therefore m It is possible and so, but children should be ready to to it.

After all looking at itself from outside, they can see themselves as though weak, inconsistent, compliant, and it can yield return result.

Therefore it is very important predvaritelno to build in them understanding that the logic analysis situations, reason …and.

Joint considering …m It is better and more correct, than manifestation forces, authorities, arrogance, that is those phenomena, which person should overcome in itself.


Ulyanov How to bring up such relationm To show that the person does not owe itself ve, as a donkey who rests even then when it is made but it is clear to all and him that it is wrong.

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M There's nothing

M There's nothing But at that age about which we speak, is raised chuvstvitelnost to criticism and remarks, including from outside parents.

It can be accompanied by tears.

Even in process any action one can tell something another – and here already both in tears.

Sensitivity to criticism the very high.

m There's nothing to be done, it is the nature.


How to react Whether it is possible by means of group and the correct education somehow to reduce this phenomenon, about experiences Teenagers want changesm Small women is a problem.

Here the psychology can help.

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Now the program

Now the program The nature took care of that the trauma of the birth was not too strong.

High level of gamma globulin in blood protects the child from an infection and gradually decreases in process of development of immune system.

Sight finds the sharpness only after shock of the birth remained far in the past.

Till the birth at the child reflexes, blood circulation system, hearing earned.

Now the program on which the child will develop during the first days, weeks and months after the birth and which step by step will include brain departments is started.

Directly at the moment of the birth Wednesday surrounding the child suddenly turns from damp into the dry; the temperature falls; not muffled sounds are distributed; the newborn starts to breathe and independently to supply oxygen, changes habitual situation headfirst.

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But harmony

But harmonyBut harmony as assumes intrinsic property of a subject, the phenomenon, the person not only one correctness, absolute symmetry, rational regularity.

Harmony in subjects, the phenomena, people is capable to carry out a number of the vital functions to prove in certain forms expediency of subjects, phenomena and activity of people; their abilities to perform work according to the natural mission; harmony the force, which influence it is capable to reconstruct a condition of subjects, the phenomena and soul of the person; force which causes unconscious inclination to reciprocity in communication, to beauty; conveniences in work, the benefit and advantage.

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